A 35 year old man stabbed to death over a woman

Bomb blast Kills 2 pupils, injures 2 in Kaabong District

A tragic incident unfolded in Kaabong district, northern Uganda, where a bomb explosion claimed the lives of two innocent children and left two others injured. The victims, Ayollo Lokutai, aged 13, and Lokoel Komol, aged 12, lost their lives in the blast, while Meri Lomonyang, aged 9, and Meri Lokiditoi suffered minor injuries. All four were students at Kakamar primary school.

The devastating event occurred on a Saturday afternoon when the four boys ventured out from their homes to gather wood for fencing a goat’s kraal in Nakituriket village, situated within Kakamar sub-county.

Tragically, amidst their innocent activities, they stumbled upon an abandoned bomb. Ayollo, seemingly unaware of the danger, began to play with the explosive device while Lokoel watched closely. Meanwhile, Lomonyang and Lokiditoi were engaged in cutting down a nearby tree. In a horrifying turn of events, the bomb detonated, causing fatal injuries to Lokutai and Komol.

Meri Jino, the LC V chairperson of Kaabong district, expressed profound shock and dismay at the unforeseen tragedy. He confirmed that local authorities promptly notified security forces, leading to the dispatch of police detectives to the scene to manage the aftermath. The bodies of the deceased were subsequently transported to Kaabong hospital for postmortem examinations, while the injured pupils received necessary medical treatment.

Jino underscored a concerning trend, suggesting that incidents involving explosive devices may escalate due to ongoing security operations aimed at curbing cattle rustling activities in the region.

Urging vigilance and caution, he implored the local community to refrain from handling suspicious metallic objects and emphasized the importance of promptly reporting any such findings to the relevant authorities. This call to action seeks to mitigate the risk of further tragedies and protect the safety and well-being of residents in the area.


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