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Authorities on the island of Guam have warned residents to take precautions as the remote US territory located in the Pacific Ocean prepares for a possible direct hit from an oncoming storm named Typhoon Mawar.
The first of three Russian hypersonic missile scientists to be arrested on suspicion of treason will go on trial next week in a case which sources say involves accusations of betraying secrets to China.
Danique Martis lives on Bonaire, a Caribbean island that attracts tens of thousands of divers every year to its teeming coral reefs.
Geneva/Berlin – On the morning of her court hearing, Virginia woke up with cold clammy hands and feet, gasping for air. She was having another panic attack.
“Remember, you are white, a man of the superior race,” this was one of the rules Lieutenant Grigorii Chertkov espoused while deployed in Africa in the service of the Russian Empire in 1897.
On April 24, just nine days after the beginning of Sudan’s deadly conflict, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the rival paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) said they agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire on the back of two days of “intense” negotiations led by the United States and Saudi Arabia.
President William Ruto’s recent speech in South Africa, where he advocated against the age-old situation in which African leaders and their respective countries have been repeatedly bullied by their more powerful global partners, brings into perspective the emergent generation of leaders who are aware of the reality of changing trends within the international political order.
Authorities must take the El Niño warning as a wake-up call to prepare for serious disruptions and displacement of large populations. The El Niño rains of 1997-98 found the government unprepared. The deaths and financial losses were phenomenal.

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