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Residents of Bukedea stage protest against Dott Services Company

A group of enraged residents, whose homes have been engulfed by heavy rainfall in the areas of Acomai, Tajar, and Kamutur within Kamutur sub-county in Bukedea, are staging a protest demanding that Dott Service Company Limited withdraw from their community. Dott Service Company Limited was contracted by the central government to construct the Acomai irrigation scheme under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries (MAAIF). The project, which was allocated a budget of 71,868,100,592 shillings, began on October 1st, 2021, with an expected completion time of 24 months, but it has exceeded the agreed-upon duration.

According to the aggrieved residents, the project was meant to alleviate the issue of flooding in their area; however, it has exacerbated the situation instead. They claim that the water channels created by the construction company have diverted water into their homes and fields, rendering many of them homeless. One resident expressed frustration, stating that the project has brought no benefits and has only worsened their plight, resulting in damaged crops and homes inundated with water.

Mr. Sebi Asangolo shared his predicament, mentioning that he took out a loan of five million shillings to cultivate maize, but all his crops have been washed away by the floods. He emphasized his inability to repay the loan without his maize harvest and appealed for government assistance.

Mr. Jackson Ojekede, the chairperson of Kamutur sub-county, reported that over 1000 gardens have been submerged, forcing residents to seek shelter in nearby schools due to the lack of accommodation.

Ms. Mary Akol, the chairperson of Bukedea district, lamented that within two days, floods had affected two sub-counties, Kamutur and Kangole. She expressed disappointment that the irrigation scheme, intended to mitigate flooding, had instead exacerbated the situation, leading to widespread distress among residents.

Eng. Sebugwawo Anthanasius, the senior project engineer at MAAIF, disclosed that the project’s progress stands at 70.4 percent and has been extended by ten months, with a new completion date set for July 31st, 2024. He acknowledged the urgency of the situation, noting that people have been forced to abandon their homes due to flooding. Plans are underway to seek relief assistance from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to aid the affected individuals.


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