A 35 year old man stabbed to death over a woman

Drunk man shot dead after confrontation along Entebbe express

The Police are currently investigating a suspected homicide following a shooting incident that took place in the early hours of Sunday, April 7, around 1:30 am. The tragic incident occurred at the Munyonyo roundabout, near Kagwa Bridge, on the Entebbe Expressway, in Makindye Sabagabo, Wakiso district, as stated by Patrick Onyango, the spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police.

According to Onyango, the victim, identified as Francis Masembe, 34 years old and from Kajjansi, Wakiso district, died from a gunshot wound. The altercation began around 12:30 am when Masembe, accompanied by his wife Eunice Orishaba, his sister Sarah Wanyana, and their family friend Godfrey Odeke, stopped by the roadside with their motorcycles, reportedly to figure out how to safely transport the intoxicated Masembe home.

The situation escalated tragically when an occupant of a black BMW, later identified as Isaac Ssali, accused them of being robbers, leading to a brief confrontation during which Ssali allegedly shot Masembe, causing his death upon arrival at Kiruddu Hospital.

Police promptly responded to the scene, conducted investigations, and recovered the murder weapon, leading to Ssali’s arrest. Eyewitnesses, including Masembe’s sister, Wanyana, reported that Masembe had been intoxicated and had a disagreement with his wife before the altercation. It was also noted that arguments had occurred between the suspect and Masembe.

Additionally, 12 rounds of live ammunition were found at the scene. Masembe’s wife, Orishaba, confirmed his intoxicated state, stating that he was unable to continue riding his motorcycle, leading to their roadside stop before the fatal encounter.

Further examinations revealed that the projectile remained lodged in Masembe’s body, and ongoing investigations indicated that the suspect presented a firearm certificate.


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