Maureen Mulangira, Donates Boxing Equipment as Jenga Gym Opens in Mbale

Maureen Mulangira, Donates Boxing Equipment as Jenga Gym Opens in Mbale

The equipment, including boxing gloves, skipping ropes, mouth guards, shin guards, pads for girls, and WBC boxing T-shirts, were generously donated by Maureen Mulangira.

Ms. Mulangira, the General Secretary of the Africa Boxing Union (ABU) and a member of the World Boxing Council (WBC) women’s rating committee, also serves as the treasurer of the Uganda Professional Boxing Commission (UPBC) and a manager and promoter.

She is actively working with WBC Cares – African Chapter, an organization dedicated to supporting professional boxers in need, offering help with shelter, clothing, health and uplifting the little champions. Adding that Helping is her passion.

Addressing the young boxers in Mbale City, Ms. Mulangira, who was the guest of honor at the event, encouraged girls to challenge the perception that women cannot compete with men in boxing. I wouldn’t be supervising international fights and being on the plane almost twice a month.

She shared her own story of perseverance, growing up in a ghetto and being disowned by her father for pursuing boxing during her senior four.

Maureen said her father told her that he couldn’t be a father to such a stubborn girl. But she saw that this is what she loved, so she stuck to it and pursued it with passion. This is where she is now, and if she had given up, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

“Boxing introduced me to Uganda, Africa, and the world. When you love something, do it with passion. Go for it wholeheartedly and don’t listen to anyone; they will talk, but you will prosper,” she advised.

Rita Namuwenge, the National Coordinator for the Emyooga program, said she invited her friend Maureen in Mbale as a chief guest to inspire the young boxers and support them in reaching the national level because she is good in this field and she sees her as the best person for the job.

Namuwenge urged the directors of Jenga Gym to mobilize the boxers to form an association.

She promised to connect them with government to get resources like she did to the bouncers who received Ugx18m to ensure they have a livelihood alongside their sport.

“I also ask my sister Maureen to have Mbale City at heart and support these young boxers so that they can know that with God, everything is possible,” she added.

Robert Graham Keen, the director of Jenga Gym, emphasized that the facility aims to strengthen not just the body, but also the mind, heart, and spirit.

“This facility is for the whole package. We don’t come here to fight only but to become good citizens and better believers in God. Uganda needs the right people, and we’re here to train fighters, champions, and good leaders,” he said.


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