World 10km Record Holder Jacob Kiplimo Survives Accident on Poor Roads

World 10km Record Holder Jacob Kiplimo Survives Accident on Poor Roads

Kween, Uganda – In a harrowing incident, Jacob Kiplimo, the world 10km record holder, narrowly escaped tragedy when his vehicle collided on the treacherous roads connecting Kapchorwa town to his home village in Kween District. The accident occurred on Wednesday, leaving the Ugandan athlete and his companions shaken but thankfully alive.

Kiplimo, renowned for his lightning-fast pace on the track, faced a different kind of race as he navigated the poorly maintained roads. Sources report that the accident was a direct consequence of the road’s deteriorating condition. The potholes, uneven surfaces, and lack of proper maintenance have long plagued the region, affecting not only athletes but also local residents.

For years, athletes in the area have raised their voices, pleading for urgent road repairs. The situation has reached a critical point, with the roads becoming increasingly impassable, especially during the rainy season. Kiplimo’s near-miss serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for infrastructure improvements.

Most of the roads suffer from neglect, with some roads falling into the “poor,” “bad,” or “very bad” categories.

Last year, vendors of Irish potatoes in Kapchorwa town and Kween District, lamented the poor quality of the murrum used for road surfacing. Heavy rains easily wash it away, leaving roads rutted and treacherous.

Most people have taken to social media, echoing the sentiment. They emphasize that the government must address the road crisis promptly. Otherwise, the region’s economic growth and safety will remain compromised.

As Jacob Kiplimo recovers from the shock of the accident, the urgent call for action reverberates through Kapchorwa’s hills. The world champion’s survival serves as a wake-up call – a plea for better roads and safer journeys for all.


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