Traditional Doctor,Wife Arrested for Alleged Ritual Sacrifice of Siblings

Traditional Doctor,Wife Arrested for Alleged Ritual Sacrifice of Siblings

In a surprising flip of events, police have apprehended a traditional medical doctor, Sulaiman Setongo, aged 32, and his wife, Moureen Namuleme, elderly 42, in connection with the gruesome murder of two younger siblings in Kirinda village, Kasega parish, Kapeke Sub-County, Kiboga district.

Easter Nakasumba aged 5, together with her sister Sylvia Natongo, aged 2, both went missing on Wednesday after their parents who they had accompanied to the farm asked them to go home, have lunch.

There bodies were found lying lifeless the next day. The police were informed Who immediately deployed a sniffer dog, which led them to the home of Suleiman Setongo, a traditional doctor. At the moment Setongo had fled the village when the authorities reached the the scene leading his man hund. Using modern technology, police tracked him down on his cell phone and arrested him in Kireka, Kampala.

Setongo’s alleged accomplice, Maureen Namuleme, who provided him with transport to avoid arrest, was also apprehended to aid in the investigation.

Currently, all the suspects have been detained at Kiboga Central Police Station while the heinous crime is being investigated. The community has been left reeling from the tragedy.


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