Soroti LC3 arrested for impregnating his 16 year maid

Soroti LC3 arrested for impregnating his 16 year maid

The LCIII Chairman of Awaliwal sub-county, Mr. Peter Ebau, has been detained by police in Soroti District on charges of defiling his 16-year-old, house help Abeja Mary Immaculate.

Ebau is being held at the Katine Soroti District Central Police Station. East Kyoga Regional CID arrested Ebau, who had been evading arrest, and turned him over to Soroti District CPS Katine.

A case under CRB143/2024/SOROTI has been initiated. The arrest was confirmed by Acting East Kyoga Police Spokesperson Edison Obukulem, who also said that the LCI of Amoroto Village, Awaliwal sub-county, reported the alleged defilement to Gweri Police Station on May 10, 2024.

The case number for the opening is 07/10/05/2024 SD Ref. According to preliminary investigation, the defilement happened on April 28, 2024.

The victim, a maid for Ebau, was intimidated after getting pregnant and was handed a smartphone by the suspect, which was later taken away. Additionally, according to police records, Ebau had been abusing and beating the young girl.

After realising she was pregnant, the victim ran away to her village in Toroma, Katakwi, but her family intervened. The woman disclosed under questioning that she was four months pregnant and that she had an affair at a guest house on Soroti-Moroto road with Ebau.


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