Prostitution ruined my life, I got infected with HIV-woman narrates

Prostitution ruined my life, I got infected with HIV-woman narrates

In a TV interview with Mururi tv a Kenyan lady revealed the darkest story of her life of how Naivasha safari Rally changed her life to worse after she was infected with a disease.

Her name is Grace Muthoni who was born and raised in Dunduri in a family of four siblings. She was the last born in the family and when she was three years both parents died.

After class eight she could not continue with her education and she started hustling. She later moved to Nairobi to work as a house girl but unfortunately the man of the house started forcing her to sleep with him.

After a long time she gave in, slept with the man and unfortunately she got pregnant which made the wife chase her away. She went back home and gave birth.

That was where she met a man who married her and they got another child together. After two years, the man changed and he was always against her first child which made her decide to leave him.

That was when her friend connected her and she moved Naivasha, where she was introduced to prostitution to raise her children. That was when she met a man during the Safari Rally competitions, and she was paid ten thousand. She didn’t know that the man was HIV positive and her life moved on very well.

After three months she went for a HIV test and she was positive. That shocked her very much and the doctor advised her to stop that dirty job.

She stopped the job and started hustling like other people just to raise her children. Life was very hard to the point she couldn’t even pay her house rent.

Today she feels that her life was destroyed by the man, and she warned young girls to avoid Safari Rally men. She said most of the people who go to Naivasha during that period, have their bad intentions.


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