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politics of blackmail, a thorn in the flesh in sebei

The politics of blackmail, is rapidly evolving in Sebei region as several people seek different elective positions in the region.

As we grew up, Bukwo, Kween, kapchorwa was one big district, with Hon Stephen Chebrot who is the current ambassador to Qatar being the Member of Parliament.

However off recently, political blackmail has made its way to the region with some political aspirants hook winking their opponents in order to subotage their political career.

Most of them who see their opponent is strong will go to extra miles to find a way of bringing them down.

The most common trick is accusing them sexual harassment. Another is accusing them of trying to overthrow the government among others.

Business Fraud among politicians

It’s now a growing trend how politicians defraud their colleagues with the promise of making more profits.

Late last year and early this year, some of the sebei politicians were making rounds all over the social media over alleged fraud skim.

The saga brought a lot of attention in the region to the extent of the leader almost losing her property.

Kween District is now leading with the politics of blackmail. Most political aspirants in Kween District are largely involved in political blackmail


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