police short 3 notorious criminals in wandegeya

Police Shot 3 Notorious Criminals in Wandegeya

The Directorate of Crime Intelligence (DCI) has fatally shot three suspected gang leaders operating in the vicinity of the Ministry of Public Service, Katanga, Sir Apollo Kaggwa, and Nansana Municipality.

In Nasere zone, Gganda Parish, a commander of a machete gang in Nansana, identified as Pius, was shot three times on Friday night.

Pius had been under surveillance by a DCI team working in collaboration with undercover Nansana police officers since March 27, 2024, following a surge in criminal activities by their group during the Easter period, resulting in numerous muggings and robberies both day and night.

Upon receiving intelligence about Pius’ gang planning a machete operation, security forces were strategically deployed. According to ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan police, Pius was spotted by the security team wielding a blood-stained machete, and despite warning shots, he refused to surrender.

ASP Owoyesigyire, citing a DCI report, indicated that Pius was presumably on a robbery mission and showed readiness to attack anyone intervening. He stated, “In an effort to apprehend him, despite repeated warnings, the suspect aggressively approached our officers. Unfortunately, to prevent further harm, the officers were compelled to use their firearms, resulting in the suspect sustaining fatal injuries.”

Prior to the operation resulting in Pius’ death, investigators had discovered that Pius and his accomplices, some of whom are still at large while others are in custody, were involved in several violent robbery incidents within the Kampala Metropolitan area.

Furthermore, before Pius was apprehended, DCI and Kampala North police officers had already shot dead two suspects who were seen in a viral video assaulting a woman near the Ministry of Public Service during Easter week. The woman was kicked, causing her to hit her face on the ground, and her bag was stolen. The perpetrators then proceeded to Katanga, where they carried out additional robberies along Sir Apollo Kaggwa road.

SCP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, identified one of the slain thugs involved in attacking the woman as Ssekyanzi Vincent, also known as Taata Top.

Enanga stated, “Ssekyanzi was among the wanted criminals, and during his arrest, he attempted to assault the police officers. He was one of the two individuals who attacked a woman at the Ministry of Public Service before moving to Katanga. They rendezvoused at Chez traffic lights.”

Regarding the second suspect, whose body is at Mulago mortuary without identification documents, SCP Enanga mentioned that this individual is believed to be part of the same group as Ssekyanzi, which was implicated in the recent assault on a Chinese national near Sheraton hotel.

DCI has cautioned that lethal force will be used against criminals who employ similar tactics.


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