Our Impregnated me, Infected me with HIV-girl reveals

Our father Impregnated me, Infected me with HIV-girl reveals

A court in Mpigi has demanded a 44 year old traditional doctor to prison for allegedly defiling his 8 daughters.

The suspect identified as Swaibu Mirundi, appeared before Mpigi Grade One Magistrate on eight counts of aggravated defilement.

He was remanded to Kigo prison by Grade One Magistrate, Jane Francise Nanvuma, who did not allow him to plead to the charges citing that the case can only be tried by high Court because its capital by nature.

“You are free to apply for bail, if you so wish, before the High Court which has the powers to try capital offenders,” she added before adjourning the court proceedings to May 21 for mention.

According to the statement presented by the state to the court, Swaibu had forcefully carnal knowledge with his eight daughters aged 17 and 22, between March 2021 and January 2024 in Butemba B Village, Kayambe Sub County, while knowing he’s HIV positive.

The matter came into limelight after one of the victims escaped from home where they reside with the father and reported the matter to Mpigi district probation officer who came in with the police.

One of the victims aged 17, revealed that their father has been sleeping with them and threatened to kill any if they dare leak the information to anyone.

They revealed that their father never allowed them to go anywhere apart from when they are going to school.

“My father started sleeping with me when I was in Primary Six and while in Primary Seven I got pregnant and he told me to abort but he continued sexually abusing me. One day when I got a chance, I sneaked out of our home together with my sister and we went to the probation officer to seek help,” One of the victims narrated her ordeal.

According to the Mpigi District probation officer Mr Bruhan Kibalama, when he got the information about the two girls, he took them to Golo Health Centre III where they were tested and sadly they were found to be HIV positive.


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