My wife, son tried to kill me after catching them having an affair- man reveals

My wife, son tried to kill me after catching them having an affair- man reveals

James, a resident of Thika, laid bare the depths of his anguish as he reflected on his tumultuous journey through marriage. Twice he ventured into the realm of matrimony, only to be met with heartbreak and betrayal each time. The scars of infidelity run deep, haunting his every recollection.

Born and raised in Murang’a, James eventually found himself drawn to Kiambu, where he took the plunge into marital bliss with a woman who bore him two children. Despite the bonds of parenthood, cracks began to form in their relationship as James toiled away as a night watchman at JKUAT. His suspicions were first aroused by whispers from his own child, hinting at clandestine visits from an unknown uncle to his wife’s bedside. When confronted, his wife adamantly claimed innocence, attributing the visits to her cousin.

Yet, rumors persisted, and James’s doubts only grew stronger. His fears were confirmed one fateful day when, upon an unexpected return home, he found his wife conspicuously absent. Her return at dawn, met with his unwavering presence, marked the abrupt end of their union.

In the wake of this shattered marriage, James sought solace within the confines of the church, where he found companionship in another woman. Embracing her three children as his own, James embarked on a journey of redemption, providing for their needs and offering them the love he had once reserved for his own offspring. But fate proved cruel yet again, as this newfound happiness was shattered by betrayal once more, this time at the hands of a neighbor.

The betrayal cut deep, leaving James reeling in disbelief. Despite his willingness to forgive, the wounds inflicted upon his trust ran too deep to mend. Matters took a terrifying turn when his second wife, together with her elder son, orchestrated a violent attack against him, leaving him battered and broken.

Left with no choice but to confront his demons, James made the difficult decision to shun the institution of marriage altogether, choosing instead the solitary path of self-preservation. In the quiet solitude of his solitude, he grapples with the painful memories of his past, forever haunted by the ghosts of his failed marriages.


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