Mbale School of Hygiene Holds 4th Graduation Ceremony with 605 Graduates

Mbale School of Hygiene Holds 4th Graduation Ceremony with 605 Graduates

A total of 605 students graduated in various disciplines at Mbale School of Hygiene on Friday, 24th May 2024, during its 4th institutional graduation ceremony. The event was officiated by Dr. Hajjat Safinah Kisu Musene, Commissioner of Health Education.

The institution, established in 1958 to train Health Inspectors, Health Assistants, and Health Orderlies, aimed at addressing public health challenges such as poor housing, low social status, ignorance, and poor living conditions following the World Wars.

Students graduated with diplomas and certificates in three fields: Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences, Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences, and Higher Diploma in Health Leadership and Management.

Mr. Ilukor Geresom, the Principal at Mbale school of Hygiene, extended his heartfelt appreciation to the parents for supporting their sons and daughters.

He thanked them for their unwavering support. To the graduating class, he said, “Congratulations on your hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Your remarkable achievement is a testament to your efforts.”

However, we encountered several challenges, including a poor road network leading to the school, a thin faculty with only six teaching staff on the government payroll, inadequate teaching and learning spaces, insufficient resources such as practical equipment and library materials, dilapidated institutional buildings in need of refurbishment, and a lack of transport means for long-distance travel needs.

Dr. Hajjat Safinah Kisu Musene, the Commissioner of Health Education and Training Institutions at the Ministry of Education and Sports, was the Guest of Honour and urged graduates to remain responsible citizens in the country socially and not to be drunkards.

She said, “We expect you to be professionals and experts in whatever you do, and to be available whenever we need your services. Provide accurate results, be there for us, and keep time for work.”


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