MBALE: Alleged Illegal Eviction Sparks Outrage in Mbale City

MBALE: Alleged Illegal Eviction Sparks Outrage in Mbale City

Mbale City authorities and police have been accused of colluding with businessman Hashim Hassan to carry out an illegal eviction in the wee hours of Saturday on Plot No. 33/35 along Pallisa Road.

The Kantunku family claims that Hassan fraudulently acquired a title deed for their property.

Residents recount that the eviction occurred while they were asleep, leaving families and traders stranded.

Household items and merchandise were reportedly destroyed while others taken away by unknown goons under the protection of anti-riot police.

The residents condemned the nighttime demolition and criticized the police for failing to secure their belongings, instead allegedly aiding looters. Many affected tenants, who are burdened with loans, have lost everything.

Mariam, commonly known as Mama Garage, expressed her dismay, stating, “It’s a shame that the police, who are supposed to uphold law and order, supported thugs who came to destroy people’s properties.

“No city leader has come to see what happened here. If tycoons have bought houses, they should first warn and allow residents to remove their belongings before demolishing.” She said.

Mafabi Musa, a boda boda rider, alleged that goons set up a roadblock and assaulted passersby.

Residents also accuse Mbale City Council of conspiring with Hassan to file a civil suit and enter a consent judgment to demolish the contested property.

However, Mbale City Council spokesperson Mr. Kutosi James stated in a press conference that at city council chambers that a court order issued on May 6, 2024, by the Assistant Registrar of the Mbale High Court authorized Hassan to demolish the dilapidated and condemned structure.

Elgon Region Police Spokesperson Rogers Taitika said that he did not know anything about the eviction of the tenants and the subsequent demolition of the building.

Efforts to obtain clarification from businessman Hassan Hashim have been unsuccessful as he has not been willing to comment on the matter.


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