Kween District Commercial Officer on spot over Emyooga funds

Kween District Commercial Officer on spot over Emyooga funds

The Commercial Officer for Kween District, Sylvester Toskin Bomet is on the spot for reportedly misappropriating Emyooga funds disbursed under Emyooga programme, a presidential initiative on wealth and job creation.

During a meeting organized at Chepsukunya town Council, by the National Emyooga program coordinator, Ms Ritah Namuwenge, the leaders and Emyooga beneficiaries accused Mr Bomet for failing the program by embezzling funds meant for the Sacco groups.

Rita says it was alleged that Sylvester Toskin Bomet, the Kween district commercial officer, took funds from critical Saccos like the Performing Artist Sacco, where it was alleged that he took UGX 40 million and gave back UGX 6 million to the signatories as a “thank you.” This case was handed over to the police for investigation.

He also signed for UGX 12 million from the Soyi Fishermen Sacco, but the RDC forced him to pay back UGX 8 million.

Speaking to this publication, Atuhaire said Bomet paid 8 million of 12 million he took from one of the SACCOs. She added that they are on him and he promised to pay all the funds he had swindled from the SACCOs.

Nadunga Hawah, a member of the Performing Artists Emyooga Sacco, acknowledged they didn’t have savings of 10 million shillings. However, Bomet asked them to sign for Shs40m and gave 2 million shillings each to the chairperson, treasurer, and secretary as an appreciation token.

Seiko Muhammed, a district councilor for Chepsukunya Town Council, claimed that the District Commercial Officer received 7 million shillings from the Boda Boda Emyooga Sacco and 10 million shillings from the Ngenge Taxi Emyooga Sacco.

ASP (rtd) Hope Atuhaire, the Kween Resident District Commissioner, urged the Emyooga beneficiaries in the district to leave Bomet out of their transactions.

He will repay all the money he took but stop protecting the criminal.


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