Kapchorwa district residents team up to work on the bad roads after leaders fail

Kapchorwa district residents team up to work on bad roads after leaders failure

Locals in kapnangore, Amukol Sub county, Tingey County, kapchorwa district, on Saturday volunteered to level the road under ACDP after 3 months of delivering the maram without being leveled.

According to the area Councilor Chemonges Munibu, the locals have been suffering due to the bad state of the road.

Chemonges stated that, since the maram was delivered 3 months ago, they have been trying to reach the leaders so as the road could be worked on but of no avail.

“We tried to reach out to the district councilor LC5, to see how they could work on the road but he rather told us to talk to district LC5 Mrs Evelyn Kubarika who also referred us to the district engineer. We then became confused about who should help us since the leaders we sent to help us have again sent us to do their responsibilities,” Chemonges said.

He noted that, the locals have registered a lot of losses due to the worrying State of the road.

“This road serves Amukol Sub-County and it’s the major route for transportation of agriculture produce to the market. There have been a lot of accidents and difficulty in transportation of produce to the market. So today we decided as locals to work on our own,” he added.

Chemonges also said they tried engaging the district engineer Mr Wire who promised them that if they chance and the sun shines just for three days, he will come and work on it.

After the promise, thankfully the sun shined for 4 days and when we called him, he decided to dodge as until today. We lost someone in this area and we were wondering how the body would be transported to his home, so we decided to work on the road to ease transportation,” Chemonges added.

He also said that they were promised culverts but they have never seen any in the ground.


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