Former Eddy Kenzo's producer Didi collapses, rushed to the hospital

Former Eddy Kenzo’s producer Didi collapses, rushed to the hospital

The former Eddy Kenzo’s producer Didi real name Abdul Karim Muchwa, was on Tuesday rushed to the hospital after he collapsed.

According to Sanyuka TV, producer Didi’s daughter called Coco finger after the father had collapsed. Coco stated that he received a call waiting to hear the voice of his friend producer Didi only to be a distressing call from Didi’s 7 year old daughter.

Following the call, Coco finger rushed to the producer Didi’s home in Natete where he found his unconscious and he rushed him to St. Andrew hospital, a private hospital in the area.

Speaking to Sanyuka TV, Producer Didi revealed that he has hypertension and ulcers which is disturbing him.

He noted that he has not been getting good medications due to lack of finances and he has not also been having enough rest.

“I have been just taking pain killers since I didn’t have money for medication and I have not been working for long time due to the sickness,” Didi said.

Coco finger together with few of his colleagues contributed some money and cleared the medical bills.

Coco finger appreciated Didi for he made for him his breakthrough song My Miss.

Didi is known for producing hit songs like Stamina for Eddy Kenzo among others.


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