Cigarette burns woman to death in Kapchorwa

Cigarette burns woman to death in Kapchorwa

Tragic events unfolded on Thursday night in Gamatui Village, Gamatui parish, Sipi Sub-County, Tingey County, Kapchorwa District, where an 80-year-old woman, Yeko Anyesi, met a horrifying demise. Anyesi, a local resident, perished in a devastating fire caused by an unfortunate sequence of events.

Residents recount that Anyesi had returned home from Gamatui trading center in the evening, having indulged in the local brew, komek. In an intoxicated state, she decided to unwind further by smoking a cigarette before retiring for the night. However, her impaired judgment led to a grave mistake.

Unaware of the danger looming, Anyesi inadvertently tossed the still-lit cigarette filter onto her bedding. The fabric quickly ignited, engulfing the room in flames. Tragically, Anyesi was fast asleep and unaware as the fire spread rapidly around her.

The inferno consumed her before help could arrive, leaving her beyond recognition. Her charred remains bore witness to the severity of the blaze. Authorities promptly transported her body to Kapchorwa Mortuary for a postmortem examination, seeking to shed light on the precise cause of her death amidst the devastation.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers of smoking, especially in combination with alcohol consumption. Anyesi’s untimely demise has cast a shadow over the community, prompting reflection on fire safety measures and the need for vigilance, even in seemingly mundane activities.


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