Church-goers protest and interrupt church service over pastor's over spending

Church-goers protest and interrupt church service over pastor’s over spending

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) in Marima, Gatundu, Kiambu County experienced a stoppage during a church session on Sunday due to a group of congregants who walked out and threatened to return until their demands were granted.

Speaking with the media, churchgoers charged that the pastor and other church officials had embezzled church assets, including weekly offerings.

The congregation chanted and waved placards calling for the pastor’s resignation. The congregation emphasized that until the pastor who is under criticism steps down, no services will be held.

“No conversation! Church services are over! She needs to leave! The congregation chanted, “She has to leave!” Members had already appointed a stand-in to lead the church in order to prevent embezzlement and guarantee that all money that was wrongfully taken was returned.

In addition to the pastor’s resignation, the members asked for an audit to make sure all the money was handled correctly. “We must take responsibility for our finances; excessive spending is wrong. “It’s theft,” said one of the signs.

There have been previous reports of leadership disputes in the PCEA church. The PCEA’s top executives were instructed to follow court orders on the appointment of a new treasurer on Wednesday by the High Court.

The church was charged in the case with disobeying the judge’s directives on the appointment of new leaders. “I didn’t deliberately or in any other way defy the court’s ruling when the Honorary Treasurer was sworn in. One of the officers said, “I had no idea that the court order or the current lawsuit even existed.”

Numerous altercations have been reported in various regions of the nation in the last few months. Members of a church in Nyeri County fought over leadership in January.

Two rival groups within the African Independent Pentecostal Churches of Africa (AIPCA) came to a truce in November of last year thanks to the mediation and brokering of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.


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