Bukwo man choked by meat to death

Bukwo man choked by meat to death

A 50-year-old man tragically died after choking on meat in Bukwo district. The victim identified as Sumotwo Rogers, was a resident of Sosho village, Sosho parish, Amanang sub county, bukwo district.

According to Chemos Joktan, a local resident, Sumotwo had visited a makeshift restaurant, Berit’s hotel in bukwo market to enjoy a local delicacy known as Molokony.

Molokony is a popular Ugandan tradition dish mostly consisting of cow hoof stew. While eating , Sumotwo unfortunately choked on a piece of Molokony. Despite immediate efforts to save his life, the situation escalated.  The locals and the owners of the restaurant rushed Sumotwo to bukwo district general hospital hoping the medical doctors could help the situation.

Unfortunately upon arrival at the hospital, the doctor examined him and pronounced him dead confirming the choking of meat being the cause.


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