Armed gunmen shoot woman, takes 170m in Bukwo

Armed gunmen shoot woman, takes 170m in Bukwo

On a Friday evening, a disturbing incident unfolded in Bukwo district as unidentified gunmen targeted a businesswoman, leaving her injured. Reports suggest that three armed robbers, traveling in a White Harrier with registration number UBP 615C, ambushed the woman, identified as Jackline, while she operated her shop on Market Street in Bukwo. The assailants callously shot her before fleeing the scene with a staggering 170 million shillings.

In the aftermath, a frantic pursuit ensued as both residents and law enforcement officers gave chase to apprehend the culprits. Despite their efforts, the robbers managed to abandon their vehicle near the Bukwo district hospital and escape on foot, leaving behind a trail of panic and uncertainty.

Sipi region police spokesperson Chesang FredMark confirmed the details, expressing dismay at the audacity of the criminals who evaded capture. The injured woman, with a bullet wound to her head, was swiftly transported to Bukwo Hospital for urgent medical treatment, highlighting the severity of the attack.

The abandoned vehicle, now a critical piece of evidence, was impounded and taken to Bukwo district police station as investigators worked tirelessly to unravel the events leading up to the brazen robbery. Adding to the confusion, witnesses noted that the robbers’ vehicle bore a striking resemblance to that of the woman’s husband, causing initial confusion among those attempting to intervene.

As the community grapples with shock and disbelief, authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of justice, determined to bring the perpetrators to account for their reprehensible actions.


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