My Egyptian boss stripped me naked in search of his ring- lady narrates

My Egyptian boss stripped me naked in search of his ring- lady narrates

In a heartbreaking story, a Kenyan lady has revealed how her Egyptian boss stripped her naked in search of his wedding ring.

Irene Lavender, aged 25 years old left Kenya to Egypt in 2020, to look for school fees since she had dropped out of school.

After getting there she was hosted by her cousin and that was when she applied for a job.She was taken to a first family, but the work environment was not conducive.

The woman was very tough on her to a point she would even beat her up whenever she did anything wrong. After sometime she took away her phone and passport and she couldn’t communicate with anyone from outside. One night the woman almost almost stabbed her on the neck and that was when she got fed up with the poor working condition.

One night she went to throw away trash and that was when she got a phone and called her cousin. The cousin called the embassy and that was how she was helped get out of the home. She was taken to the second house, and fortunately the woman was always away. Later the boss got married and gave birth to twins which made her employ two other two workers. They took her as a family to them at first and after two years things changed drastically.

It all started after her bag went missing, and she accused her of stealing it. She was really annoyed and when she went on vacation she never went back. She looked for another job and after three months the woman called her again. She was ready to increase her salary and she went back there in December 2023. She worked for some time until her boss’s wedding ring went missing. They searched for the ring all over and they couldn’t see it.

The boss said that she was the one who took the ring which was not true. They stripped her naked in search of the ring which they didn’t find. She was taken to a home cell where two guys came with guns and they tortured her asking for the ring. Later police came and she was arrested. She stayed in the police station for six days and on the seventh day she was taken to court.

The court deported her back to Kenya for staying in Egypt for three years without residence rights. She felt so good that she was not jailed. Watch the video below.


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