Kenyan businessman locked out by watchman and wife

Kenyan businessman locked out by watchman and wife

Kenyan businessman Enock Bett went to his baby mama at 2:00 am in the morning for assistance after his wife shut him out.

Even though Bett had not insulted anyone, he claimed he had been shut out and that the watchman had been told not to let him in.

In an interview with, Bett said he had chosen not to disorient himself while traveling on business in Uganda and had not returned to the residence.

Enock Bett, a Kenyan man, has gone on a social media tirade accusing his wife of working with the watchman to break him out of his home.

Bett claims that he hasn’t been inside his home since Thursday, May 16, when he came home late and the guard declined to let him through the gate.

“Toxic people, I can’t believe I am from a client meeting to feed people who are locking me out of my own house,” he said.

Bett looks for her baby mother. Bett insisted in a string of tweets that he had done no wrong and that he was not deserving of being shut out of his home.

“I only had two beers; am I wrong ? No, I haven’t done anyone any harm. Eventually, your devoted baby mom will make an appearance.

This woman helped me a lot ; she’s very understanding. I was in error. Permit me to stay at her house. “I’ll make a big noise when I get back to my place ,” the businessman declared.


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