End of the road for Alien skin as he's denied UK, Canada visa over this

End of the road for Alien skin as he’s denied UK, Canada visa over this

Alien skin’s dream performing from Unity kingdom (UK) and Canada has hit a dead end after he was denied Visa to the two European countries for being violent.

According to the source, Alien skin was denied a visa following an incident which he recently slapped a journalist identified as Evelyn MC, who was Mcing the Zinna awards show.

Alien skin has been entangled with many issues since his rise to fame to the Ugandan music industry.

Alien skin rose to fame after the renowned Musician Pallaso slapped him in 2023. Following this, he was sympathized by fans leading to his rise to fame in the Ugandan industry.

However, Alien skin on different occasions has been seen fighting different media personalities, promoters and fellow musicians .

The sympathy he got as fans believed he was from ghetto and he could do better in replacing Bobi Wine as Bobi Wine had ventured into politics but turned into a nightmare as he started attacking Bobi Wine again.

Many people believed that since he started attacking Bobi Wine, it could be the death of his music carrier as many musicians who attack him end up being ditched by the fans.

This publication has also learned that the singer was asked to go sort out himself with the journalist. It’s however unclear if the musician will bow down to the pressure as he seems very stubborn.


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