24-year Lira man attempts to Sacrifice father, Sister for money ritual

24-year Lira man attempts to Sacrifice father, Sister for money ritual

A 24-year old Lira district youth has left the community in shock after he attempted to sacrifice his father and young sister, in a desperate attempt to get quick riches and liberate himself from the daring poverty.

Akor parish chief, Ogur Sub-county, Lira district, Pastor Ambrose Abar, claims his son who’s a second born almost had him and their last born daughter killed for money rituals last year.

At the University where he was studying, he saw a fellow student of his age driving a very expensive car. When he inquired more how the friend became rich, he discovered that he was into human sacrifice for money rituals, ” the pastor said.

“The friend then introduced him to their cult group and after he was accepted to join it, they told him to take photographs of his family members to an oracle so that he could be initiated.”

Tired of leaving poverty, the poor young man then started collecting photographs of his father, mother and three siblings and took them to the oracle where his father and their 12-year old sister were to be sacrificed so he could reportedly acquire three cars and a huge sum of money.

“During that time, my wife and I became critically ill. Our conditions did not respond to medication and little did we know that it was spiritual. My wife was unconscious for 10 days, while I was bedridden for 12 days,” Pastor Abar explained.

Police Detective Sergeant Hellen Acayo who is handling the matter said many youth often engage in criminality due to among others, substance abuse, lack of employment opportunities, failure to succeed in the education system, and pressure of materialism.

“Youth constitutes seventy to eighty per cent of the population of inmates in prisons. Here in Barr Sub-county, we had rampant cases of robberies but we managed some of these cases by sending the offenders to prison,” she said.

Mr Thomas Akaa, Barr LC3 chairman, said: “What is killing our youth is dependency syndrome. They don’t want to work and think everything is for free. They don’t want to form groups that can make supporting them become easy and are all the time complaining that they have been abandoned or neglected.”

Barr acting sub-county chief, Mr George Isaac Okune, said youth that have benefited from Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) are mismanaging the government programme.


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