Woman dies while having sex with a taxi driver

Woman dies while having sex with a taxi driver

A Taxi driver has been detained by Luwero district police following the death of a woman he was in love with.

The suspect has been identified as Joel Ssenyonga, from Mabaale zone, Luwero Town council was on Thursday detained by police following a tip off from one of the locals.

Speaking to the journalist, the Savanna Region police spokesperson , Mr Sam Twiineamazima, said that the suspect picked up the unidentified woman from the roadside on Tuesday night so sexual pleasure.

“When the woman agreed, they both went to Mr Ssenyonga’s home that Tuesday night in Mabaale zone,” Mr Twiineamazima said.

Mr Ssenyonga, told Kasana police officers where he’s being held that the lady fainted while they were having sex. However he tried to use a piece of cloth to give her some Air to help her regain her consciousness but failed.

In fear, Ssenyonga informed the friend to come help him remove the body and dispose of it somewhere to escape arrest.

Unfortunately, the friend instead informed the police and he was detained to face charges of suspected murder.

The deceased has been identified as Jalia Nantaba, a 38-year old business woman and a resident of Kiwogozi zone, Luwero Town council.

Ms. Robina Nanfuka, the neighbor to Mr Ssenyonga, says the suspect brings different women occasionally and on Tuesday around 8:00 pm, he was seen entering the woman.

“We didn’t see him around on Wednesday morning and his house remained locked the whole day. We didn’t bother since he sometimes brings women who leave very early the next morning”, Ms Nanfuka said.

Another neighbor who identified himself as Mr Musa Kapo said that he saw a taxi coming around on Wednesday evening but left after a few minutes.

Kapo noted that, Sinyimba didn’t alert any of the neighbors about the regrettable incident.

Mr Ssenyonga is currently detained at Kasana Police Station on charges of murder.


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