Bodaboda rider suspended for 3 months for chewing colleague's wife

Bodaboda rider suspended for 3 months for chewing colleague’s wife

The Association of bodabodas in Pader town council in Pader district have suspended one of their colleagues for 3 months for allegedly sleeping with the Colleague’s wife.

According to the Association chairman disciplinary Mr Oyoo Ben Mark, Okot Geoffrey Amuti went against the Association’s rule by falling in love with the Colleague’s wife.

He has been suspended for three (3) months starting from the 22nd May, 2024 to 22 August, 2024.

Oyoo, noted that, his suspension came after the investigation done by the committee found that Okot had violated association by-law article 14 section (17) which says” No any member is entitled to disorganize the family of his or her fellow boda boda through falling in love with the wife of his or her comrade or be in position to connect comrade’s wife to someone”

The office went ahead and informed the entire members and customers that Okot has been suspended from boda boda work until they will inform them in writing.

They went ahead to urge mr Okot to comply to avoid inconvenience or if he fails to comply, it shall lead to fines or action in the next step as prescribed in their constitution.


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