Three Fake Ugandan witch doctors arrested in Zambia

Three Fake Ugandan witch doctors arrested in Zambia

Zambia National Cyber Security Task Force has arrested three Ugandan expatriate scammers who have been taking money from lonely and desperate people who want to get back in touch with their ex-lovers.

According to the Zambian observer, the suspects from Kampala were handily working out of Matero Township in Lusaka, the nation’s hub for all shady dealings.

The publication notes that dozens of SIM cards from different mobile phone providers were discovered with them.

The three Ugandans have been identified as Stephen Kafeero, 32; Bashir Nsubug, 34; and William Simfuka, 37—were apprehended over the weekend during a sting operation.

The three scammers are said to have defrauded a number of helpless victims by portraying themselves as strong witchdoctors who could bring back lost loves in a matter of hours on Facebook and WhatsApp.

One of the operation’s participating officers said Kalemba, “One complainant was scammed out of Ugshs 60,930,718.after being promised that the suspects could bring back lost lovers and heal any kind of disease through their charms.”

The creative but illegal trio also used their freedom to call different mobile phone customers, pretending to be conducting different promotions with accents influenced by Luganda, but in reality, they were pilfering money from people’s mobile wallets.

The bashful trio was condescendingly urged to use their magical abilities to get out of the waterloo, but instead they sobbed out and asked for forgiveness.

They are being held by the police, but it’s unclear if the worldwide jujumen would employ any of their charms to regain their lost freedom once they appear in court.


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